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Paralysis by MSVC

November 21, 2014


Geek Alert!! A little background first: I use Vim for writing and navigating code. I gave up on other editors long before. Now, recently I was asked by a colleague (who uses MSVC) for a help with a piece of code that I was familiar with. To help him I needed ...

Attempt to describe nostalgia!

June 15, 2014


This is an attempt to describe how I feel when I am nostalgic. I feel light headed, something feels super good inside me. I feel supercharged. I just keep talking a lot and in doing so keep remembering more and more stuff. After a few incidents I even start seeing ...


November 11, 2012


Sometimes, the world is revolving at a high speed. You are surrounded by people, you have so much to do, so much to talk, so much to listen; but inside you feel lonely. One moment you want to hold on to everything tight, so that you don't loose it, and ...


December 7, 2011


With so much data floating around me, I feel so small. There is so much to read and gain knowledge that my whole life seems to be so less. It depresses me sometimes that there is so much available but I am not able to gather them well. :(

My Restless Soul!!!

July 13, 2011


For past 2 weeks, I kept reading and reading and reading. What? Travel blogs and articles. And now I am depressed. I have a very strong urge to travel now. All I can think and dream about is places - Denali National Park, Ubud, New Zealand's North Island, Norway, Iceland, ...


April 26, 2010


I was getting a lot of spam comments from a long time, mostly Russian spammers. But recently I have seen very strange spam comments. They are actually the comments made on the post. They copy paste the same content with their links. What all tactics do people use to spam. ...

Facebook ‘Like’ Button

April 22, 2010


Yippeeee!! I finally managed to add a working facebook like button to my blog posts with the help of the following links: I was facing a problem with the general way used for wordpress as I use static links for my permalinks. So the second link ...

Finally – Humans and Nature in Unison

April 22, 2010


Yes, you did read it correctly. Humans and Nature are in unison. Don't you think so? Look at the news papers and try to link things. "Bomb blasts at xyz location." "Earthquake in that country." "Shootout at so-and-so college." "Landslide sweeps off so-many people." Finally, mother nature has give-in and is ...

Memories, your own Mindgame!

April 16, 2010


Recently, I saw a play "The Blue Mug" (btw, its an awesome play, do watch it, if it comes to your town). Well, the play was not about any Blue Mug, but about memories - small, big, funny, emotional, sad, happy, awkward - all kinds of memories. Memories are ...

Peeping into the windows!

April 7, 2010


Nowadays, I spend around 2.5 hours in commuting between work and home. This gives me a lot of time to do time pass and due to my ever restless nature, I have to constantly engage myself into different activities, like - sleeping, listening to radio, reading (but stopped ...