A Long Laccha Making Seesion!!

April 3rd, 20062:27 am @


Last night my dear friend Vini came over my place for a night stay. We both were meeting alone after a long time, so thus started out laccha making session at 11:45 in the night. We started with a topic that took all sorts of twists and turns and finally we landed up discussing anything and everything under sun ;-). This laccha session ended with one of us ludhkofying at 4 in the morning :D.

But those four and a half hours were so refreshing. It reminded me of my college days, we used to have long laccha sessions, talking hours together for no reason. And the best part is you don’t even feel tired and sleepy once you are in the 4th gear of laccha-gaddi :D. Though the next day will be completely sluggish and a complete waste. But I don’t mind a day of sleepiness for those few tension-free hours of excitement and complete fun :-).

Thanx Vini for coming over and making that memorable :-).

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