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My New Mobile

July 25, 2006


I recently upgraded to a better handset than the basic model I was using. And its such a relief to switch to colored screen from the black and white screen :D. I suddenly have so many things to do with my phone :). Have a look at the specs. And here are a few pictures […]


June 21, 2006


“Circa 2218 anno Domini… The Armageddon has occurred… The Earth has been destroyed… Luckily, only a few years back, MARS had been discovered habitable for mankind… To ensure the survival of life, a few days before the Armageddon, a select few people from Earth were moved to MARS… This select few consist of an equal […]

Hanging in the middle…

June 13, 2006


I had a funny incident today. In the afternoon, as me and my friends started for the lunch. We took the second elevator for going upstairs to the 7th Floor. There were quiet many people inside, say about 10. The elevator was going at a steady pace and by the time it was about to […]

Changing the looks!!

June 13, 2006


Hello Everyone!! Well I am trying to change the blog appearance, so kindly bear with the intermittent problems like the font color. I am in the process of changing it, but due to some problem I have lost the connection with blogger :-(. Will be able to bring back the blog into a readable form […]

Flying high in the sky…

June 13, 2006


I dont know why, but somehow I had never had any flying experience till now. But a few days ago, I finally made it to the sky. I had my first fligh experience. The experience was so overwhelming, I thought of writing a post on it. So here I am to share what I felt […]

Khayali Pulao

May 15, 2006


Our Brain is one of the best cooks of this world. It can cook the most spicy, chatpati and delicious stories. Now this is one khayali pulao (or rather a virtual date) cooked by me and my friend :-D. She is from b’lore and he, from hyd. One fine day she doesnt feel like sitting […]

City of My Dreams!!

May 5, 2006


This one is for all of my friends from school and college and yup for all those people who hail from the wonderful city called “Bhopal“.I was kind of away from the city for say three years. And when I got the chance to be their again…I just hopped on the train and headed for […]

A Long Laccha Making Seesion!!

April 3, 2006


Last night my dear friend Vini came over my place for a night stay. We both were meeting alone after a long time, so thus started out laccha making session at 11:45 in the night. We started with a topic that took all sorts of twists and turns and finally we landed up discussing anything […]

Wedding Bells..Ding Dong…

March 31, 2006


No baba…am not getting married. But have noticed that so many people around me are getting married. The wedding bells are going on and on from all directions. There is a line up of marriages for me to attend 😉 (….means lotsa fun and masti for me :D). But it seems as if all the […]

Kabhi Kabhi

March 22, 2006


Main aur meri Kine… aksar ye baatein karte hain road achi hoti toh aisa hota flyovers hote toh waisa hota potholes ke bina jhatke kitne kam hote manholes ke bina sadak kitni chikni hoti Main aur meri Kine… aksar ye baatein karte hain traffic na hota toh aisa hota speedbreaker ke bina waisa hota pollution […]