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February 23, 2006


Tode saare khwaab maine, bikheri saari khushiyan. Maine hi chupaya chand ko, gira diye saare taare asmaan se. Mitaya maine hi indradhanush ko, chura li phoolon ki khusboo. Khud hi bichaye raaste pe kaantein, bujha di jeevan se roshini. Bhare maine hi aankhon mein aansoo, cheen li labon ki hansi. Choda maine hi zindagi ka […]

Red Means Stop

February 20, 2006


I was really amazed at seeing “Red Means Stop” written on one of the signals in bangalore and started laughing that do this need to be taught to people. But lately it seems it is required. I guess many bangaloreans dont know the meaning of red in traffic signals or else they have become color […]


February 13, 2006


When I look at the moon, I see you smiling at me;When I glance around the stars, I find you winking at me;When I try to look at the sun,I feel the intensity of your love for me;When I walk on the shore,I see you rushing towards me;When I hear the birds,I hear you singing […]


February 10, 2006


Toh mar jao”, he said as he got up and started for the house. “Tum yehi chahte ho na ki main mar jaon”, she said with a calm voice sitting on the chair, “Then do one thing, mujhe utha ke wahan phenk do.” He stopped, looked at her with all the ire he had inside […]

Coming Home!!

February 10, 2006


As I opened the door, a heavy gust of wind blew on my face. My nose got filled with the smell of the fresh earth. My eyes were bejeweled by the sky, full of shinier stars than what I usually see. I stood there holding the bars and peeking outside. The chill was making my […]

My Base Shifting!!

January 31, 2006


Last week was a very eventful week for me. With my Demo on tuesday I suddenly didnt have any work left to do…gosh its so difficult to sit idle after a long month of only work in life. But I had a really nice week. Many things worked out and many changes happened. My comapny […]

An Orgy this weekend

January 29, 2006


After much planning and postponing we finally had our Paratha Party at Mipple’s place. And thus started a TLTE orgy and loads of fun filled hours :-). Well the time when we were supposed to reach at the venue (Mipple’s house) was 11:30 and as usual I was the first person to reach there and […]

Giggles to Guffaws

January 15, 2006


Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee… He He He He He… Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho… Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… I have neither gone mad nor am I taking any laughter sessions ;-). But lately I have started noticing how people laugh. And believe me, its really very interesting and damn entertaining :-D. Every person […]

January 11, 2006


“Life is no brief candle for me. and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” – George Bernard Shaw I read this quote on the first page of the novel I started yesterday. Liked it a lot so thought of sharing it.

Past Few Reads

January 9, 2006


Lately, I have tried to read more variety. I have come out of the world of books from the likes of John Grisham, Mario Puzo, Erich Segal etal. I had some interesting reads and am here to share my experiences about them :-). To Kill a Mocking Bird This was a very sweet and warm […]