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November 24, 2005


God!! why am I staying in this city?? *sigh* I am vexed, aggravated, frustrated, angry and above all tired of my daily travel from home to office and then back home. I dont want to start for office in the morning and similarly for home in the evening. I, literally, dread the voyage…yes it seems […]

Milte hain break mein!!

November 22, 2005


Channel 1: A “K” series serial Channel 2: A torture-to-the-ear song Channel 3: A stupid talk show Channel 4: Same gory news Channel 5: A “India losing” match Channel 6: A multi-starrer “forget-your-brain” movie Channel 7: A Take-no-money game show Channel 8: Advertisements Finally I got something to watch. Watching a television has become such […]

A Thousand Desires

November 15, 2005


These lines are from a song from the movie hazaron khwahishein aisi…. A Thousand Desires such as these A thousand moments to set this night on fire Reach out and you can touch them You can touch them with your silences You can reach them with your lust Rivers, mountains, rain Rain against a torrid […]


November 15, 2005


Your face…. Calm and Serene as still waters Your Eyes…. The burning heat of a wild fire Your lips…. Arousing a thousand desires Your Smile…. The lamp of life in darkness Your Touch…. A spike of current Your Voice…. The chime of knoll on the church You…. Embracing n cuddling in my thoughts

War of the Mails!!

November 11, 2005


The two sides in the battle field are – the snail mail or the letters and the very fast and very popular e-mail. Now i guess most of the people will stop reading further, coz they will say that e-mail wins without even coming into the battlefield. But for me its not the case. E-mails […]


November 11, 2005


On my way Above the lake Was a sky so blue Like the ocean hue With cotton strew As the bunch of clouds The moon at its shine To give a bright sight And a colorful bow To tie the gift for me.

la pioggia!!

November 8, 2005



November 8, 2005


Life, a simple little word, carrying the meaning of whole world. Life, with all its mystery and irony, is not worth any money. Life, with all its ups and downs, gives us the power of sensitivity. Life, with its strongness and fragility, teaches us the best lessons to learn. Life, with all its love and […]

some dried leaves

November 8, 2005


Some pages dropped while reading through an old diary of mine. They were some poems that I had written long long time ago. So next few posts I will post those on the blog.

Ek Bheegi Bheegi Raat!!

October 12, 2005


This was the day I was waiting for a long time. My first concert ever . And the sequence of incidents that happened will never let me forget it also . I had loads of work in office but still managed to complete most of it so that I don’t get late to the concert…was […]