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Team Outing!!

October 4, 2005


It was 6:11 AM when I started my bike….(shucks…why did i wake up 15 mins late…was supposed to reach office by 6). It too me precisely 6 minutes to reach office and another 2 minutes to reach my floor. That makes it 6:19. As I reached my floor I expected a bunch of people to […]


September 14, 2005


I know i should have posted this a long time back. i apologize for the delay. “The Longest Thread Ever” A place where strangers met chatted with each other pulled some legs smiled in everyone’s joys sulked in the sorrows and entered into a bond of friendship!!

A glimpse outta the trip!!

September 5, 2005


My jaunt to Kodai Kanal!!

September 5, 2005


Kodai the wonderland!! It was an exotic trip to the land of the greens. Wherever you turn your head, only the green meets your eyes. An amazing place to get your batteries recharged [:D]. The hill station is centerd around the kodai lake. The kodai lake will confuse you. It appears to be a small […]


September 5, 2005


I had gone into a hibernation for a long time. I have hazaar reasons to give and defend myself but this time i will be honest. Actually its more to my laziness than anything else. So here I am ready to start afresh. And this time I will make it sure that I dont become […]


May 13, 2005


this question crossed my mind once again y’ay….”wat has civilization given to us?” civilization has given us lots and lots of things… it has given us reasons to hate people it has given us reasons to kill people it has given us reasons to abandon nature it has given us reasons to become selfish it […]


May 7, 2005


sometimes, i feel that i m alone in this world sometimes, every moment seems unreal sometimes, the music doesnt sound melodious sometimes, the colors dont seem bright sometimes, nothing can make me smile sometimes, anything can make me cry sometimes, i crave for nothing sometimes, i grieve over everything sometimes, the heart skips a beat […]

barkha bahaar

April 14, 2005


a drop of hope, filled with joy, touched my cheeks as i was standing on the gate, feeling the cool breeze running through my hair. it was a great relief from all the heat of past few days. soon it started pouring and i was elated :). its been long since i smelled the fragrance […]

Kosha – a treasure

April 14, 2005


“come again.” “what does your name mean?” “Is it a hindi word?” “you are a guy or a girl?” (when i meet someone on net) “never heard of this name.” “is it usha.” these are many of the questions that i face near about daily. so thought y not write a blog about my name […]

The First Step

April 14, 2005


Into the world of blogs. Here i come. well this is the first time i m writing a blog. its not that i didnt know about their existence till now. but there were reasons of minee that kept me from posting a blog of my own. my tryst with blogs started during my second year […]