Bangalore habba!!

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Translation in English: Celebrating Bangalore

But it is much more than celebrating Bangalore. It is a celebration of art and culture. It is a celebration of the long lost spirit of creativity. It gives a platform for all the contemporary artists in a variety of genres to come forward and let their arts be known. It doesnt only promote the classic and folk art forms but the modern art forms too. It is even more important in a place like bangalore, where we have people from very diverse cultural backgrounds. And for software professionals like me, it is a delighful treat of the things that are almost out of my life.

In Bangalore Habba, you can listen to great music and see some fantastic dances. Now these are the major events happening in habba. Infact my most awaited event will be the jugalbandi of Pandit Jasraj and Pandit Hari prasad chourasia and the performance by Amaan and Ayan Ali Bangash.

Apart from these mega events, there are many small small and very interesting things happening in the habba. You can see some Street plays, Street Magic, Literature readings, watch some outstanding movies, good theatrical performances, some sports too (even adventure sports), a vintage car rally, fashion shows, and my most favorite “The Artist’s Walkway”.

I first had a feel of the habba when I went to “The Artist’s Walkway” yesterday. The M. G. Road Boulevard is converted into a walkway where artists can come and promote their arts through small kiosks on the boulevard. I was really amazed at the variety of arts that I got to see at same place. The thing that attracted me the most was exhibits by a few photographers. I even bought some photographs in the form of postcards :-). Then there was this small street play by few girls. It was very intersting and very well done, with a message for the society. Then there was this puppet show and even the ghoomar dance :-). There were many painting exhibits too. And yeah, if u want a caricature or a portrait done of yours…land up in the walkway :-).

Overall habba is an entralling experience which every bangalorean and non-bangaloreans should try and catch. Though its tough to get time out of our busy schedules, but believe me you wont regret taking that time out of it and going for an event in habba. I feel lucky that I got such a golden chance of experiencing this celebration :-). Will keep telling interesting picks from the events that I will attend :-).

Any one interested for more information, can visit Bangalore Habba.

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