barkha bahaar

April 14th, 20054:54 am @


a drop of hope, filled with joy, touched my cheeks as i was standing on the gate, feeling the cool breeze running through my hair. it was a great relief from all the heat of past few days. soon it started pouring and i was elated :).

its been long since i smelled the fragrance of wet soil
its been long since i felt the chill in the breeze
its been long since i heard water drops on the roof
its been long since trees sway and danced with the wind
its been long when the sky roared in happiness
its been long since earth’s thirst was quenched
its been long since i had such a pleasnt evening

i hope my every evening of mine be filled with the pleasure of watching it rain, of feeling the serenity inside me, the serenity of the earth and the serenity of the atmosphere around me.

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