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December 13th, 20059:34 am @


I am back with my stories from the Bangalore Habba :-). There was a series of “Art Espressos” in many CCDs around the city. I happened to attend the last one in the M.G. Road CCD.

It was supposed to start at 10:30 pm. Me and my friend got a little late (IST you see 😉 ) and reached there around 10:45 pm. Anyways, there were not much people there but we could hear something going on. We took one of the tables and sat there. There were two people sitting on the chairs in the front and were reading into the mic. The piece they were reciting was a story of a guy and a girl which was very hilarious :-). It was follwed by yet two more readings and it was so much of fun!!

Well Art Espressos are actually readings of prose and pieces of literary work. It is really nice to actually listen to the work rather than just reading it on your own. This is widely practiced in western countries. You can actually hear readings in many book stores etc. Specially for kids. I hope this culture increases more in India and I could hear more of such things on a regular basis, not to wait for habbas for that.

The team cast that played it here consisted of two guys, names i forgot, and two girls, aditi and aviva. The way they articulated their voice and even their expressions, it was as if the piece was actually lived. It made me actually animate the whole scene so perfectly in my mind.

The best was one was in the last. In which the guy played the role of the female and the girl played the male part. Both of them were stunning in their respective roles and the air was filled with many smiles and laughter. :-)

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