February 10th, 200612:28 am @


Toh mar jao”, he said as he got up and started for the house.
“Tum yehi chahte ho na ki main mar jaon”, she said with a calm voice sitting on the chair, “Then do one thing, mujhe utha ke wahan phenk do.”
He stopped, looked at her with all the ire he had inside him and leaped to pick her up. She felt the grip of his hand across her waist and a sudden jerk and she was in the air and then splash, into the water. She saw him walking away into the house through the thin film of water across her face.
The world started sinking in front of her eyes. The sky was drifting away; the sounds were fading with every passing fraction of a second. All her life flashed across her eyes and she could hardly think anymore. Within few moments she had reached the bottom of the pool, bottom of her world and the wick of her life was out.

Though I don’t see dreams usually but this one I had seen during my train journey and was marked distinctly in my memory.

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