March 19th, 20109:52 pm @


Finally I feel I am getting back the hold of my life. I am doing good at work, still keeping in touch with family n friends over phone and email. Atleast, I have managed to get out of the extremes of mailing-all-the-time and mailing-not-at-all to a moderate amount of time, which seems apt :).

I am finally done with my Photo website, just adding some photos is left, will do that and make it live :).

I finally have started to get ideas to write blogs. I had actually written a lot of drafts while commuting to office, but last weekend, out of my foolishness I lost all of them :(. But no worries, I still have ideas in my head :). And will keep posting them from time to time.

I am finally taking out time to manage my pictures and process them. Though taking new ones is still a bit far, but I now have confidence that I will be able to achieve that too in some time :).

I feel so good!!! :)
Hope to keep this momentum going! *fingers crossed*

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