Flying high in the sky…

June 13th, 20063:48 am @


I dont know why, but somehow I had never had any flying experience till now. But a few days ago, I finally made it to the sky. I had my first fligh experience. The experience was so overwhelming, I thought of writing a post on it. So here I am to share what I felt when I had wings :-).

My first flight’s departure time was 8:45 P.M. and out of before-the-time habit I had reached the airport at around 7:30 itself. After doing the checkin and getting my first boarding pass ever in my hand, me and my friend looked out for a good place to sit and look around. By the way, I didnt like the bangalore airport at all. It was no match to what I had imagined the airport of the silicon valley of India to be, an utter disappointment.

Well we chattered away looking at people, thinking about the wedding we were going to attend in Delhi and Beep-Beep, I got a message. It was from a friend telling me “Its raining hard”. ‘Oh My God’. We both turned immediately towards the terminal gate nearest to us to have a look at whats going outside and indeed it was raining heavily :-(. And then we heard the announcements, due to bad weather the outgoing flights had been delayed. I was wondering, “Why this has to happen to me?”. But cant help it, so we sat around for some more time. I thought of taking some snaps for my memories of the first experience of the airport. As I ducked into my handbag to fetch the camera I realized…oh Shucks…I left my batteries inside the baggage :-(. So with a heavy heart of missing on the oppurtunity to capture those moments I sat quietly listening to Radio Mirchi and counting each and every second to the departure.

Finally the call for the security check for IT208 was called out. Me and my friend jumped off from the seat and headed towards the security check. Once outside the terminal, we realized that it was still pouring heavily from the sky. Due to all the sudden rush, there were not enough coach vans to take us to the flight. So we had to wait till other coach vans were fetched. Slowly the van took us around airport and neared our flight. It was such a good thing to see all those huge manmade birds standing in and around the place. And with the rain it was all the more exciting :-).

We boarded the flight and I got the window seat :-). Was just peeping outside to see the rain and the other flights. Once all the passengers had boarded they started with the welcome-on-board and instructions to be followed during the flight duration. The instructions were shown by the very gorgeous Yana Gupta on the small TVs in the front. Waise….the airhostesses were also not less than Yana Gupta :D. Anyways, it was time for the take off…I was already loaded with so many instructions from my well-wishing friends about the effects of take-off, that I decided to take their advice and stuffed my ears with cotton wool. The engines running, the aircraft started to move…it took around 5 mins for the aircraft to reach the runway. It was simply an awesome sight. The aircraft started picking up speed and with a jerk the front tyres were off the tarmac and slowly the rear ones too. We were flying….yoooohoooo… :-). The aircraft was in a tilted position and moving steadily upwards. The TV monitor in front of me was telling me the altitude, speed and the outside temperature continuosly. I had some weird feelings in my stomach whiles the ascent upwards, but the scene outside the window was too good to worry about all that :D. I could see the banglore city in the darkness, it looked as a sky beneath with thousand bright yellow stars. Slowly the rain against my window had started to be completely horizontal and then drying off. I could see beneath the dark clouds that were showering over bangalore. In sometime the flight hit the altitude of around 10,500 m above the land, the speed was somewhere around 800 kmph and the outside temperature was around -40 degrees…whooooo..that made me feel cold inside :D.

The flight was meant for to be of two and half hours but due to air traffic near the Delhi airport, the flight was hovering over Agra and later over Delhi. Finally we were told that we are landing. All passengers sighed for relief of finally getting off the plane. The descent was also quiet an experience for my stomach and my ears…I felt as if my ears were closed out. But it was overall a good experience :-). We set foot on the tarmac at around 12:30 am..the scheduled arrival was 11:15 pm :D.Though I had experiences of delayed flight and all, the feel of flying in the air for the first time was too good :-).

My flight back was also an experience. It was ontime :D…he he he. But the best part was that it was a morning flight :-). So I could see the clear blue sky from my window and white cotton balls underneath. If I try and imagine heaven, it would have a similar flooring :D. Overall the experince in the air was too good :-).

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