Giggles to Guffaws

January 15th, 20063:19 am @


Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee…
He He He He He…
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

I have neither gone mad nor am I taking any laughter sessions ;-). But lately I have started noticing how people laugh. And believe me, its really very interesting and damn entertaining :-D.

Every person has his/her own unique style of laughing. Some have a very sweet barely audible giggle and some have close-your-ear types roaring guffaws. Some people laugh with a hesitation and that creates a very strange sound. Some are bindaas types who just laugh openly. But any type of laughter, its so contagious. Once you hear a person laughing, ok fine you might be able to control not to laugh but, wont be able to stop yourself from atleast smiling :-). Laughter actually tickles your heart, dont you think so ;-).

Have you ever watched kids laugh. Its really a marvellous sight to see them laugh. Once started, its really difficult for them to control their laughter, I guess. There’s is so pure and innocent laughter that it just steals your heart.

And I dont know why but most of the females hesistate to laugh openly. They will just smile widely or giggle a bit. Is it against the rules that a woman laughs aloud? Anyways, am least bothered and laugh out as I wish to :-).

Some of the laughs that have been distinct from others are:

  • my friend’s elder brother, infact he was the person who inspired me to start noticing laughters. His is out of the world, can-listen-from-yards laughter, which I simply adore :-).
  • One of the laughters that will definitely make you laugh is that of our very own Navjot Singh Siddhu. It was that laughter that made me laugh, more than the jokes in the ‘Great Indian Laughter Challenge’.
  • The other one I like is of my cousin brother here. He also just laughs with an open heart. Though he is quiet boisterous in his laugh but its the feel-good laughter :-).
  • One laughter that is famous worldwide is the Gabbar laughter.
  • One of my friends from college. She is also a kid when it comes to laughter. Infact, if you dont stop making her laugh she will be holding her stomach and rolling on the floor :-D.
  • The best and the sweetest laughter I have seen and heard is of my nephew. He is just two and a half years old and I just love his laugh. And its so easy to make him laugh, just show one finger and he starts giggling, touch him with the finger and he bursts into a guffaw…wow…I can right now see him laughing aloud and m rejoicing in his laughter :)).

Its so very true, Laughter is the best medicine. It makes you forget your worries and makes you feel so light. So laugh out and laugh like you have never laughed before :-).

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