November 24th, 200510:20 pm @


God!! why am I staying in this city?? *sigh*

I am vexed, aggravated, frustrated, angry and above all tired of my daily travel from home to office and then back home. I dont want to start for office in the morning and similarly for home in the evening. I, literally, dread the voyage…yes it seems like a voyage. A daily fight through the always jam traffic, wading through the sea of vehicles. I feel like I am trapped…which makes me feel uncomfortable…I cant move in any direction…have to stand helplessly. And wait for the damned traffic to move….with strange people wading past me. Seriously, people think that “ye road unke baap ki jaagir hai”. And footpath also. Its not a less headache to walk on these roads too.

Over the top the ‘mashallah’ roads, with uncountable potholes. I have seen the worse-than-worst roads after coming to this city. And the rains…..this city has started making me dislike rains. Overdose of anything is not good….and here we are getting too much overdose of rain. Already the roads were a hindrance test…with the rains it has become a roller coaster ride to drive on the roads of bangalore. It tests all parts of the body for tolerating high stress. If somebody is very healthy and fit…dont worry driving on these roads will soon make you go consult a doctor.

I dont have any hopes of getting the problems solved…and I will have to go through the torment of drving through the roads of bangalore daily!! Huh!!

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