Khayali Pulao

May 15th, 20065:59 am @


Our Brain is one of the best cooks of this world. It can cook the most spicy, chatpati and delicious stories. Now this is one khayali pulao (or rather a virtual date) cooked by me and my friend :-D.

She is from b’lore and he, from hyd. One fine day she doesnt feel like sitting in the office anymore, calls him and asks him to take her to a movie. He, like any other guy :D, takes the next flight and comes to b’lore. After a lot of heated discussion they finally went to watch a movie. In the interval there was popcorn and cold drinks, cold drink with two straws :P.After movie was the question “What next?”. He feels hungry and asks her out for dinner. She wants dinner in a candle-lit restaurant :D. So they decide to go to a restaurant overlooking Husaain Sagar Lake. They took the next flight to Hyd and soon were sitting on a romantic dinner table :D. It was the perfect place, a candle lit table laden with good food overlooking the lake with the moon-lit sky above. Everything seemed so perfect, but is there a perfect world?..naah :D. She found something wrong with the food, it was the smell of egg…and she is allergic to it :D. She was not able to eat any more. He asks her for a ice-cream and she replies with a blush “One big sundae and two spoons” :D.

They planned to go out on a two-wheeler ride and he asked her to drive!!, she happily agreed. It was a black Honda Activa. She sped thorugh the lake side road, he started feeling tensed for the speed but she didnt care a bit, she was enjoying the chill and the air passing through her hair. He starts nagging for high speed and says that he shoudnt have trusted her. Screeeeeeeeech and she gives the keys to him [-(, her soul was could he not trust her. He is sorry for his distrust and begs her to drive again :D. She is so ecstatic about it and she speeds up again…but oopssss the bike wont go beyond 80. She stops the activa and demands for a bike. Poor Him, he goes and gets a CBZ from a friend of his for her to drive :D. They are again off in the air enjoying the night and the moonlight at a fast pace ;).

Suddenly the bike comes to a halt. They are confused, fuel seems ok, and everything else seems to be fine but the bike wont start. They look around for someone for help and realize that they are in a very deserted place. Its dark and gloomy, she starts hearing strange sounds and is very very scared. He tries all the metal in him and kicks the bike for its stubborness @$@%#% :D. They dont know what to do next. He gets an idea….aah what a timing :D….asks for her mobile, after a long search in her small yet difficult to find anything bag, she declares that she forgot her mobile in the restaurant :D. He is furious, and she, as any other girl, starts crying :D, which he couldnt bear :P. He consoles her and calls for a cab from his “Only 2 Rs. Balance” mobile 😀 (talk of resourcefullness – 2 Rs saved for emergency :D)..

The cab will take 20 mins. For those 20 mins they click some cutie cutie snaps around the place 😉 :D. Within 20 mins the cab was there and they hopped in. He asked the cab driver to take it to airport and then to his house. On this she got really upset, she insisted him to drop her home in banglore and then come back :D. So they fly on the latest flight to bangalore and reach there at 1 am. With a romantic good bye they part on the airport and thus ends the virtual date :D, with promises for more – A world cruise perhaps!…Lolzz :D.

So how was the pulao?? 😀 :D.

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