Kosha – a treasure

April 14th, 20054:12 am @


“come again.”
“what does your name mean?”
“Is it a hindi word?”
“you are a guy or a girl?” (when i meet someone on net)
“never heard of this name.”
“is it usha.”

these are many of the questions that i face near about daily. so thought y not write a blog about my name and let people know about it.

in simple words kosha means treasure. the root word over here is ‘kosh’.

its origin is from sanskrit. in sanskrit the word ‘kosh’ or ‘kosha’ means sheath, a covering.
it is believed that a human soul is covered by five different koshas, namely annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanamaya and anadamaya. these sheaths are composed of food, energy, intellect, intuition and bliss. interesting, right.

now something from history too. everyone might have heard the name of chitralekha. she had a sister called roopkosha, she was supposed to be a treasure of beauty. for my name the roop was dropped and kosha was retained :).

i am glad my parents christened me as kosha.

anybody with a different name than usual, please comment. i will be more than glad to increase my list of good names.

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