la pioggia!!

November 8th, 20056:06 am @


I like rains a lot 😉

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14 Comments → “la pioggia!!”

  1. Phoenix

    11 years ago

    Me too…especially more now, after reading ur extremely cute post!

  2. kosha

    11 years ago

    hey thanx a lot for the appreciation :-)

    but i find it kiddish…
    (wrote it when i was really a kid :-D)

  3. ....R.A.J.A....

    11 years ago

    Simple and lovely poem :-)
    (Kiddo liked it since it’s supposedly kiddish :-p)

  4. ....R.A.J.A....

    11 years ago

    oh, btw, what’s “la pioggia”!!!

  5. kosha

    11 years ago

    la pioggia means rain…in italian :-)

  6. kosha

    11 years ago

    waise tumhe toh lagta hai aankh band karke meri har cheez achi lagti hai…

    kuch sach bhi bol liya karo…

  7. ....R.A.J.A....

    11 years ago

    “waise tumhe toh lagta hai aankh band karke meri har cheez achi lagti hai…”

    yes. it’s a fact B-)
    and it’s also a fact that this poem is really a lovely one :-)

  8. kosha

    11 years ago

    liar 😛

  9. Voice

    11 years ago

    i too like rains but only if they come for an hour or … when they come right on time of classes

    i love walking in the rain…because no one can see my tears then 😛

  10. kosha

    11 years ago

    i too love rains…
    to get drenched…
    feels like the water pouring on me is divine…and taking me into a different world…

    but i hate to hide my tears…
    wat r tears for if they r not seen!!

  11. Mipple Bora

    11 years ago

    mmm…..what to say, when there r so many comments. sab ne tho kah diya. well i can say that if i was kid i would have appreciated it :-), but abhi utna maja nahi aaya…but ha i can appreciate ur effort…see i not a poet but this is what i feel. yes, i can say one thing ur a good photographer :-)

  12. Mipple Bora

    11 years ago

    hey this doesn’t mean i don’t love rain…….paaoos aala rey paaoos ala!! 😉

  13. Rohit Talwar

    11 years ago

    really cute. simple and lovable. you have nice lines on your blog!

  14. kosha

    11 years ago

    finally kisi ne toh sahi samjha 😀

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