Memories, your own Mindgame!

April 16th, 20106:02 am @


Recently, I saw a play “The Blue Mug” (btw, its an awesome play, do watch it, if it comes to your town). Well, the play was not about any Blue Mug, but about memories – small, big, funny, emotional, sad, happy, awkward – all kinds of memories.

Memories are such an entertainer for all of us, a game which every individual loves to play. You live more in your memories than you would have lived those memories. And memories are far more vivid than the actual event. Sometimes you spice up the memory on purpose, sometimes its just that you remember it in a spicier way than what actually had happened. And its so much fun to share your memories. Its the best thing you can do on a rainy evening and a power cut-out :-).

Memories are the most integral part of you, what will you do if you did not have memories, much like one of the character played by Ranvir Shourie in “The Blue Mug“, or much like the guy in “Memento“. You are lost, you actually loose your identity. We never realize that the importance of memories in our life is so astronomical – its your identity, its you!

So lets keep making memories and keep sharing them! :-)

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