Milte hain break mein!!

November 22nd, 20058:33 am @


Channel 1: A “K” series serial
Channel 2: A torture-to-the-ear song
Channel 3: A stupid talk show
Channel 4: Same gory news
Channel 5: A “India losing” match
Channel 6: A multi-starrer “forget-your-brain” movie
Channel 7: A Take-no-money game show
Channel 8: Advertisements

Finally I got something to watch.

Watching a television has become such a headache now a days. The number of channels is touching the sky…but its all quantity and no quality. But that chota sa (oops…wrongly said…that lamba sa actually) break in between is such a refreshment. The advertising industry has really come a long way. There was a time when people used to curse advertisements but now I can see people forwading ads on emails too!! (even i do that 😉 ) There are all sorts of advertisements…but by watching advertisements I get a little bit of everything in a small span of time…which is an important factor for a busy person like me :-D.

There are advertisements which will make you smile, laugh, definitely not cry ;-), some will make you scoff, some will give you a reason to make fun of. With all the celebrities buttressing all sorts of products…whats the need of movies now and cricket too ;-). And yeah…you get to see the cutest babies in india in all those huggies etc ads :-)…choooo chweeeet!!

Hey!! who can forget that surf excel ad – “chaila!! tune maara isko..tujhe abhi dekhta hoon…aur maaro aur maaro….sorry keh raha hai….waapas nahin karna” wowww…it brings a smile on my face even when I think about it. I remember…one of my colleague’s two year old son wont eat food untill he sees this ad. Even I can watch that ad for I dont know how many number of times.

Then there is this ad of some paint….”kaat kaat…darta kyon hai….main hoon na…bindaas kaat…papa…chintoo…pata nahin subah se kuch katai shatai kar raha hai” a cutie cutie ad :*

Then those SBI ads…specially the “Chimanlal charlie” ad…its damn hilarious =)).

There are so many of them I guess I can dedicate an entire blog to them 😉

In a nutshell, advertisements are complete entertainer and the most watched things in todays myriad and most of the time non sense world of television.

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