Moral Dilemmas

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duvidha or dharamsankat as called in Hindi.

For example, You are supposed to be at a contest and are the judge to find the best talent. One of your close relative is one of the contestant. There are two situations in this case. First, there is a better contestant who actually deserves the prize. You can make your relative win over him/her. The second situation is, your relative is the best. Now you start thinking that if I make my relative win, what will people think of me, that I practice favoritism. And you may deprive him/her of what he/she was worthy of. What will you do in these situations?
The above example was actually a milder version. Milder in the sense, it doesn’t involve life and death. But there can be situations where a person’s life or death is on stake. And you have to choose between life of someone who is close to you and life of many others. What good or what bad will you choose?
I have always had this thought in my mind, that what if I am in such a situation. God forbid, but what will I do? I still don’t have a complete answer. Will I be able to think rationally and keeping my emotions behind the practical thought? Its very easy to think, when you are not under pressure. But, when in pressure, it depends on a person’s mental stability and ability to think rationally and more importantly, unselfishly.

Here are few dilemmas which I found while surfing.

Of Special regard is the first one. Let me know what you think of it. Was the captain correct or was he unethical?
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