Moral Policing – What’s your take?

April 6th, 20101:48 am @


Moral policing is on a rise, or should I say that its getting more widespread publicity! What do you think about it? Is it correct or is it wrong?

Well, my view – I think every individual has his/her own right to lead a life the way they want it to. They may be wrong, may be right, but it does not mean that anybody else can come and force them to do something else. I agree if they are committing some crime, yes it needs to be intervened. But unless it is a criminal act, there should be no policing. And talking about these moral police, these are the same people who will drink and beat their wives and chuckle with delight on seeing sexy bikini-clad women in movies, bl**dy hypocrites. What do they know about morality? Morality is a much deeper concept than what these so-called “Moral Police” can even try to understand.

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