My Base Shifting!!

January 31st, 20065:57 am @


Last week was a very eventful week for me. With my Demo on tuesday I suddenly didnt have any work left to do…gosh its so difficult to sit idle after a long month of only work in life. But I had a really nice week. Many things worked out and many changes happened. My comapny shifted to a new and much bigger building and thus even I had to shift into a new place. Searching a house in Bangalore is the biggest headache of life…phew…but with much efforts from me, my now-roomie, her friend and my best friend…we finally found a decent place to stay. Thus I had a complete shift of the base…from working place to living place…that too a drastic change of living in a PG and in a house. But I had one of the best sleep in bangalore in my own room though all my luggage was spread across the floor…but whatever it was my own room…the feeling was so good.

With a week filled with no work and so many changes…I feel replenished and fully charged to work again. Seroiously one should have some time off in between of the work to experience the life and enjoy the moments and refuel oneself :-).

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