My jaunt to Kodai Kanal!!

September 5th, 20053:31 am @


Kodai the wonderland!!

It was an exotic trip to the land of the greens. Wherever you turn your head, only the green meets your eyes. An amazing place to get your batteries recharged [:D].

The hill station is centerd around the kodai lake. The kodai lake will confuse you. It appears to be a small lake but as you take a round trip, it seems neverending!!! and imagine we took a round trip on bicycle [:)]. That was the most beautiful ride i had ever taken, along the side of the kodai lake. There are many other attractions in and out of kodai. I loved the flora which i got to see there.

And yeah…one very important point. The falls of kodai are fabulous [;)]. They are just beyond your imagination [:D]. I guess all my trip-mates will strongly agree to it and we all will advice you all to never leave out the best part of kodai [/)].

If a person loves nature, kodai is heaven then. How much I wished that I had a house there and can spend all my weekends in the arms of the mother nature, with peace everywhere. I could take a cycle ride around the lake daily then [:)][:)]. Really kodai was just like a beautiful dream and I crave to be back in that dream again. [:)]

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