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I was in a training for the whole of last week (sigh…!). And me with my restlessness had to figure out new new activities to keep myself interested :D. One such activity I engaged myself into was to notice people’s expression for different situations.

The expression that caught my attention this time was “Nodding” of different styles. Nodding is the most explicit expression to show you understood. Very trivial to notice so much, but at length, when you don’t have anything else to do, they seemed quiet interesting.

The most common style of nodding is to nod up & down, which universally means a “yes”. Another one is to nod from left to right or vice versa, which universally means a “no”. But, I found it being used interchangeably with the first one to mean a “yes”.

There exists another version of the left-to-right or right-to-left nod. This one is at a faster pace, which definitely implies a certain “no” (atleast from what I have seen till date).

And then there is this very very interesting, and most ambiguous nod: the pendulum nod, swinging the head in rotary motion resembling a dancing head. Can anyone tell me what this nod is universally taken as?

Sitting in the training session, I saw another classification in the nods apart from all the above nods. Nods that are completely meaningless. There are people whose minds wander off at far off places and their heads are engaged in a systematic, controlled & periodic nodding of any type of their choice. These are mere acts to imitate or, better, hide their meanderings. And to my surprise, I could see that people are becoming more & more matured in their techniques of nodding, to make it seem realistic.

You have noticed some more varieties or flavors of nods, do chip in! :-)

Happy nodding!!!

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