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January 9th, 200611:12 pm @


Lately, I have tried to read more variety. I have come out of the world of books from the likes of John Grisham, Mario Puzo, Erich Segal etal. I had some interesting reads and am here to share my experiences about them :-).

To Kill a Mocking Bird
This was a very sweet and warm novel. It was set in the backdrops of a small town in US. Narrated from the view of a small girl, it is a slow yet interesting depiction of the life in a small town. Its about the mindsets and how folklore works. Though its a simple story but it never lets boredom slip in. A nicely and effectively written book.

God’s Debris
A book from the author of “Dilbert”, Scott Adams. This book will baffle you, make you think, make your mind go topsy-turvy. According to the author its a thought experiment. It really makes you, atleast for time being, challenge the very facts and basis of life. It boggles the mind to think in a very different direction, contradicting the set thinking we develop through our lifetime. This book is meant for all those people who like to venture into the unknown of the psyche, to unleash the imagination and go on a adventurous trip in the wild thoughts. A must read for all the people who like adventure and mysterious things.

Oh My God!! will be the first reaction, if one asks me about the book. Written by Tehmina Durrani, the award winning author, this book is a fictional story based on a girl named ‘Heer’. It is a heart-wrenching story of torments and evils done in the hide of religion. It portrays a satan protecting the religion. But its becomes an overdose of brutality and filth. It really makes your heart ache and filled with anger and hatred. God forbid, this kinda thing should never become reality. This book shouldnt be read if one just wants to have entertainment. It tells you the tale about how low a human can go, how much devil can captive a human mind.

I had a great experience reading these out of the way novels. And thus I am going to continue reading different stuff and explore in the realms unknown to me.

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