Peeping into the windows!

April 7th, 20102:47 am @


Nowadays, I spend around 2.5 hours in commuting between work and home. This gives me a lot of time to do time pass and due to my ever restless nature, I have to constantly engage myself into different activities, like – sleeping, listening to radio, reading (but stopped as it gave me a headache), writing blogs (though I lost all of them while updating my iPod), and most of the time playing games.

But today, I tried something new – peeping into the windows of BMTC buses. As it’s a Bus day today, I thought what better thing to do than this :D. And what did I find – a young lady, entusiastic, and eager to reach her destination, maybe her first week at work; a pair of twinkling and inquisitive eyes belonging to a cute little girl sitting in the lap of her father, who was lost in world of worries, probably of the future of the girl; a smug lady typing away on her laptop oblivious to people around, in a crowded Volvo; another lady, somber, a strange stoichness about her face, as if made still with the daily rut of life; a bunch of college kids, giggling, gesturing and teeming with joy, maybe bunking the college and going for a movie; a formaly dressed foreigner accompanied with an Indian, scared, thrilled, his eyes reminded me of the eyes of people embarking on a rollercoaster; a lady, maybe in her late thirties, eyeing everyone, in a quest to find an empty seat. In short, it was a quilt of varied expressions, a mixed bag of people from all ages, class and genres.

Man, this was an interesting thing to do, might try it everyday :-)

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