Red Means Stop

February 20th, 20063:05 am @


I was really amazed at seeing “Red Means Stop” written on one of the signals in bangalore and started laughing that do this need to be taught to people. But lately it seems it is required. I guess many bangaloreans dont know the meaning of red in traffic signals or else they have become color blind.Recently, I have seen this trend too many times in bangalore, people breaking the traffic signal rules and speeding across a Red Signal. With a woofing traffic on the roads, this habit is a very fatal one, not just for them but for everyone else who are driving on these roads. I have myself escaped quiet a few accidents because of others breaking the signal. And the worst part is, they dont even accept their mistakes. Say them something and they scoff at you. God, what kind of educated people are these?

I guess we need to spread this message around and have more stricter system to avoid this. Atleast teach people that “Red means stop”.

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