November 30th, 200510:58 pm @


This is in response to the tag from raja ….

SE7EN Things I Plan to do:

  • Travel more frequently and to more exotic locations
  • Do a PhD
  • Buy a camera and take loads of snaps
  • Keep updating my blog
  • Get up early and do yoga
  • Buy a pulsar and race with the guys in bangalore
  • Keep planning 😀

SE7EN Things I can do:

  • Watch TV
  • Eat a lot
  • Be a Walter Mitty
  • Use the IM services to the max
  • Sleep at wee hours
  • Fill my gmail inbox
  • Keep yapping

SE7EN Things I can’t do:

  • Become an astronaut
  • Marry my love “moon”
  • Sing well
  • Grow taller
  • See my moon daily
  • Get up early
  • May be gain some weight

SE7EN Things I say most often:

  • Guss it
  • Hey Bhagwaan
  • Hmmmm
  • Stupid Idiot
  • Accchhha
  • Ohhhkkkk
  • Helllloooo

SE7EN persons I want to tag:

I found this quiet interesting…made me think what I can do…that part was the most difficult one *chuckle*.

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