So Long….

August 11th, 20086:01 am @


So long….so long I had stayed away from my camera…I don’t know why and how it happened. But a refreshing break came to me in form of a pleasant surprise. One night I got a call from my uncle, to join them on a trip to Shravanbelgola. Oh, I just can’t describe how I felt at that moment. I was like…”Finally my hands and my eyes will be put to some worth” 😀 .But I was worried too, as I had not taken photographs for months. I didn’t know that I did remember photography, or would it have evaporated out of me. But once my hands were on the shutter button and my eyes looking through the viewfinder, nothing was stopping me. And I so very enjoyed doing what I used to love a few months back. Here are just a few shots from the trip. Do tell me how you found them. I would be uploading the entire set soon on my Flickr. So, watch out.

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