Some Beautiful Moments

December 20th, 20051:07 am @


I had not written about some things in my account of the Habba. And the things had even slipped out of my mind. But when I was going through the snaps taken that day, that face brought back a smile to my face and all those small small but beautiful moments :-).

Well, there was this sweet little girl sitting in front of us. For her, I guess we were the performers :-D. But it felt really nice to have her attention, to make her laugh, to make her dance like we were dancing. She was soooooooo cute, we even took a snap of her with due permissions from her mother. But seriously, Kids give you that happy-happy feeling :-). They are so pure-hearted, no dirt in their mind. They remind of the good times I had in my childhood. So children will always be close to my heart :-).

In the other incident, we had turned into kids ;-). We attracted many a stares towards us by making soap bubbles in the air and that too standing on the chairs :-D. This was the most fun part of that evening. I was just thrilled and kept on blowing bubbles in the air. It again brought back some memories of my days in BITS…how me and my friends had blowed bubbles for hours together and had become an object of glance by all the passer-bys.

And last but not the least, I drove a bike. yippppeee yooooohoooooo….well this was not the first time..but yes it was after a long time :-). I am not that bad at driving the bike B-). And with few more practices like this…I will be ready to give a tough time to guys ;-).

I dont know if anyone will read this post of mine. But I am writing this coz its about all the small things that one has. The big moments are very few. That doesnt mean one cannot be happy for the rest of the time. Its these small small moments that give you Big Happiness. And writing about these things today gave me another round of that happiness :-). So, this post is for all those tinsy-winsy things that are the elixir for me to live happily in this world :-).

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