Team Outing!!

October 4th, 20052:14 am @


It was 6:11 AM when I started my bike….(shucks…why did i wake up 15 mins late…was supposed to reach office by 6). It too me precisely 6 minutes to reach office and another 2 minutes to reach my floor. That makes it 6:19. As I reached my floor I expected a bunch of people to be there and ready to scold me…but but but…there are only 3 people. Anyways, we waited and waited and waited, people came in at a very slow pace. Finally at 7:30, we decided to finish our wait. And we ended up in a group of 18, which was supposed to be of 30. So finally we were on the road :).

Our journey was made enjoyable by having various games amongst us and some brilliant performances. Can you imagine, i was made the captain of one team :D. We took a break in between for breakfast. I ate a new variety of idli :). And we were again on the road. The journey was long…infact pretty long…actually the driver took a shortcut 😀 ;). “Are we going on the right way?” “Does the driver know the place?” “I guess we will reach there by tomorrow!!”…were the general expressions coming from everyone gazing outside the window as if its about to come. But finally we got off the road at 1:05…yes…dont open your eyes wide open…we did reach at 1:05 :D. The first thing I saw in Talakad was this…

Talakad is the river bank of Cauvery. But looks more like a shore with sand and all. Infact, Talakad means “Sand Dunes“. We had a nice time in Talakad, though none of us ladies got into water…but it was fun watching others play in the water :D. And the best pleasure was to watch Rishit play in water (he is a two year old sweet boy :)). Anyways, we did boating also, that too twice in a round boat aka tappa aka…ooops…i forgot the kannad name of it…sorry!! Have a look at the boat….

Can you imagine we went round and round in that boat :D. I was not able to stand up after that, walked like a drunk :D. And how can I forget the boat walla…He was 73 years old and spoke in english. He said he passed SSC in 1955, great na.

After that we went to a temple. A temple which looked as if it came out of my school history books. The architecture was fabulous. Took rows of snaps over there. Here are a few glimpse out of it….

Well our next destination was Sivansamudram. I will classify that place in some of the most beautiful places I have been to. Take a look… The two falls are just amazing. The nature seems to be at her bloom.

I just couldnt help myself from clicking on and on. Went crazy for taking the snaps. There was one other interesting thing in sivansamudram…lots of monkeys….specially small ones…chooo cute.

Well then started our outdoor games. The first two “one minute” games were quiet funny and innovative. Had a good time laughing over it. Then came “the tug of war“. This was my first time at it…before this no one ever thought me worth to be taken in a tug of war :( :(..anyways…our team consisted of no heavy body builders but but but..we came out clear winners…yipppeee :) :).

Now it was time for us to get back to the road and head back to bangalore. I didnt feel like leaving, we were having so much of fun.

But wait, the fun didnt get over yet ;). We had a long round of Dumb C. That was the most enthued thing in the entire trip. Each and everyone participated with so much of zeal and josh. We even had a round of the “original Dumb C“. It was sooooooooooo much of fun. In the end there was a tie between my team and another team for the first place, and we lost the “battle” by just a hair’s difference. But the spirit of playing was good.

We reached office at 11:10. Anyways, so here ends my first team outing. In the start I was very skeptical to go. I hardly knew anyone in the team. Felt that I will be left out. But it turned out the other way. This became an Ice-Breaker for me. Now, I feel that I belong to this team and am not any outsider…which i used to feel before this trip. I just hope I have many more good moments like this in future :).

I know am sounding too formal…but believe me this is what I am feeling.

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