The First Step

April 14th, 20054:06 am @


Into the world of blogs. Here i come.
well this is the first time i m writing a blog. its not that i didnt know about their existence till now. but there were reasons of minee that kept me from posting a blog of my own.
my tryst with blogs started during my second year in college. i accidently stumbled on rediff blogs, read an entry and was too interested in it. i started coming there regularly and always thought that one day i will also start writing my blogs, i wrote many a times but had a complex. all those blogs which i read were so nice, so well written. i felt like a wretched being, who does not know how to write. i found myself despicable. and then so many new things started in life i completely forgot about the blogs.
years later through the TLTE blogs, i was once again confronted by the blog world. at first that fear came back to me but then i realized, a realisation of my being, my self, my ego. i dont bother now that i m not that good a writer, may be i m not good with words, but i will write, i will share my ideas with people. this is what blogs are all about. right.
so i step into this terrene.

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