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December 13th, 200510:01 am @


From Friday night onwards there were three mega events as a part of bangalore habba in palace grounds. Fortunately or unfortunately i could attend only two of them. Here is my account for those two.

9th Dec:

This was the day when my ears were blessed by the enchanting music from two of India’s leading personalities. One was, the living master of bansuri, Padmabhushan and PadmaVibhushan Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. And the other maestro, one of the best known classical vocalists in India, Padmabhushan Pandit Jasraj. First, it was Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia who entralled the audience in the divine sound created by a simple bamboo stick. I, wondered, how can a instrument as simple as a flute create so much of magic. And I really admired his stamina, for he could pump in so so much of air into it for such a long time..phew!! The next was a solo performance by Pandit Jasraj. His voice was charming, soothing to hear to. Then came the best part of the show, the jugalbandi. It was like a play between two gods. The audience was held spell bound. The performance was so gripping, that I guess nobody moved. Time just flied away and it was 10 pm in the night. The show came to an end. But it left me with a yearn for more. I was satisfied, yet had a pine to listen to it all the way again. I can still close my eyes and listen to the bansuri…bringing a smile to my face. :-).

As soon as the performances by the maestros was over, we started and were coming out. I was on the second step, when I heard them say “Dhol Foundation”…I instantly turned around and asked my friend if we can see this too. Most of the people had left. But believe me, whoever stayed back would have never regretted for that.

The Dhol Foundation is a UK based band, led by Johnny kalsi. The band has five drummers…dhol waalahs, one on dholak, one on drums and two on guitars. The band has fuses the urban music with the dhols and music from the villages of punjab. This was their first performance in India. And the audience just gave in to these dhol waalahs with their “electric” dhols (yup…even i saw it for the first time). Overall, the numbers were too good….make u tap ur foots and even jump. The intensity of it I saw, when there was an elderly grey haired man jumping off his feet on the rhythm of the band. I could hardly see anyone sitting during the entire act…it just filled everyone present with so much of energy and enthu. Anyone fond of percussion instruments (which are my fav instruments) should not miss out on the “Dhol Foundation“.

11th Dec:

Next in pipeline was the “Bollywood Nite”. We reached their on the right time. We just came in and the show was on a roll. The first performance was by a singer called Ishaan. The moment he sang the first song of the show, we thought…are we at the right place? Shall we just get up and leave? The next two songs were just adding fuel to the flame. But then came in the next performer, Lalit pandit, of the jatin-lalit fame. At that time we were like…ok. He sang some of the best numbers of his career.

Then came the best part of the show. Performance by my fav, Shaan :-) :-). The public also just went wild with Shaan on stage. He started with his first song for jatin-lalit, “Tune mujhe pehchaana nahin” from movie Raju Chacha. And then came a series of all his hit songs. My favs like “Musu Musu Haasi” and “Tanha Dil”. You can see the magic of his voice everywhere, people swaying back and forth with every tone of the music. Girls going just over the top on this good looking and ever smiling hunk. He even danced for the song “Main Aisa Kyon Hoon” and “You are the one for me”. And he ended his performance with the biggest hit of the year, “Dus bahaane karke le gaye dil” :-) and he took away the hearts of the all the people present in the palace grounds.

Then came a singer with one of the most sweetest voice, Alka Yagnik. She sang some really good numbers. The environment became so soothing with her melodious and balming voice. Followed up by her was a High-Energy performance by “The Dance Diva” of India, Yana Gupta. The guys just went crazy for the beautiful dame on the stage. You should have heard how the public roared and revelled.

After all the dancing and singing, there was time for some ramp walks. The first fashion show was from the Pantaloon Stores. Then was the marvellous collection from the studio of Vikram Phadnis. Got to see some of very good designs and yes ofcourse some very comely models and ooohhh some hunks too ;-).

Then Alka yagnik came again and sung yet another set of songs from her long list of hits. And lastly the day was called off with a superb item number from Yana Gupta. And with this the Bangalore Habba came to an end. I had a nice time during this Bangalore habba and will look forward to it with all the more eagerness next year :-). Till then bbye bangalore habba!!

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