The playground "Mood"

December 5th, 200510:24 pm @


Why do we have moods?
Why do we suddenly feel happy or sad?
Why cant we always be in a good mood?

I am not in a very good mood today. From morning I have been feeling gloomy. Cursed everything in the world when I woke up in the morning. I drived like a jerk today. Dont have the feeling to work. Cant concentrate on anything. I even forgot my dog-collar. And the worst thing is I dont have any reason to be like this. But still I get these tantrums. I have seen people swinging in and out of good and bad mood. Just out of the blue they will start getting irritable, yell at others. It makes me think, what causes these so called mood swings.

When we experinece some feelings…like anger, happiness, stress, fear etc., the brain releases chemicals called neurotransmitters. It is the release and re-absorption of these neurotransmitters that affects how we feel. And the imbalance of these neurotransmiiters cause the mood-swings. So this the scientific side of moods.

These mood-swings could be dangerous. Coz generally people tend to be rude and alienated during these pangs of bad mood. Others might feel offended by the behaviour and the damage has been done and you dont even relaize that at that moment. I hate being in these bad moods. It makes me do stuff that is unlike me. But yeah music is the best thing, that always brings back the smile on my face and makes me feel cheerful again :-). So I am back to music and a smile on my face. Thank god for he made music, otherwise how would I survive these mood-swings!!


Here is a link that I found interesting Wild Mood Swings

And also this…just for fun 😀

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