War of the Mails!!

November 11th, 20059:32 am @


The two sides in the battle field are – the snail mail or the letters and the very fast and very popular e-mail. Now i guess most of the people will stop reading further, coz they will say that e-mail wins without even coming into the battlefield. But for me its not the case. E-mails have not won over letters.

E-mails are much faster much easier and now a days the most preffered…or shall I say the only preffered….way of communication. Technology wise, and even having more and more people accessing e-mails, is ever increasing. Who had actually thought that e-mails will be such a huge thing in such a less time. I still remember i had my first account when I was in my first year…that too me and my friend went to an internet cafe (which were a little rare thing to find in those times) just out of curiosity. Infact, we didnt even know how to open an internet website!! But now we can see children using internet and e-mails.

Now about the other side of the coin. Though e-mails are faster, cheaper (ofcourse now-a-days e-mails are much cheaper and to people like me its free 😉 ) and blah blah blah. They dont have the human touch. The e-mails dont have that charm. Infact e-mails have dimished the charm of the letters too. But still letters are letters. You can hold them in your hand, you can preserve them forever. I still have all the letters written to me since my childhood and still brings tears into my eyes. It has a personal touch of the writer….the hand writing. You can relate more to a letter rather than an e-mail. And especially if u are still not addicted to the technologically advanced gizmos and have still that human feel left in you.

So in my opinion letters were the best and will always remain the best. Though even I have not written letters for a long time…out of utter laziness, but am gonna start writing letters again. That wait for the letter and then when it arrives…opening the envelope…its so good. Also I dont want to get lost in this cyber virtual world. I want something that is real…tangible…to remind me of my friends. So that years after also..when I open my treasure trove of letters..I can remember all my friends as I had known them always. May be am way too sentimental about things. But these are small small things which brings happiness in life…smile on my face. And so I dont mind doing that…even if people call me crazy…I will keep writing letters.

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