Was it a year??

January 9th, 20061:30 am @


[Firstly, a very happy new year to all the people who drop by my blog :-)…hope to see more traffic this year 😉 and sorry for updating late…was damn busy with work.]

2005 – Was it really just one year? It seemed like a decade to me!! So many things happened, so many things left behind, so many things new in the life, so many changes in and around me. It seemed as if I am living somebody else’s life.

Jan, 2005 – I stepped into bangalore with stars in my eyes. I was full with apprehension but with lotsa zeal to tap into a new world, a new life. But as time went past, I realized that this was not what I had dreamt of, the life, rather the world, was vastly different from my imagination. I experieneced so many new things. And my craving for my former life kept on increasing by each passing day and night. I started cribbing for my decision of doing my internship. I was totally irritated by the new life. All I used to do was live in memories. I was not only missing the recent things in my life, I started thinking about and missing the long lost and previously forgotten days. I was at loggerheads with the present and didnt want to come out of my past.

But as they say, time heals all wounds. So were my wounds healed, but in the process of healing I was transformed. I was no more the same old kosha, I underwent tremendous changes, many good and a few bad too. I became more calm and serene…I lost my innocence towards the world. Now I know this world and am a part of it.

Till now I have only written about the things that I lost. But it was an year of give and take. I gained as much as I lost. I met and made many very good friends. Though its a part of life to make new friends but for me the number just soared in leaps and bounds. I, being a born introvert, had never expected to make so many friends. For that I will definitely thanks orkut. This was indeed the first time that I made online friends. But as time passed I realized that its not wise to have toooo many friends. You loose the closeness with friends in trying to keep up with all. Things became tangled up, life became so complicated. You tend to realize it when ypu have many many friends, and loads of work and deadlines approaching. I had never experienced this before. Where was my care-free life, Where was my always ready with a solution attitude? I suddenly started feeling much matured and old. It was as if the childhood of a child was snatched away. The sky was devoid of its moon.

One more change that I saw was, I got a bit detached from the family life. Living alone and with friends made me little less sensitive towards family. Which I am gonna change in this year, coz ultimately its family, which is utmost important. And I dont wanna loose on that front ever.

The other major thing in 2005 was becoming responsible and start my job. I faced many problems initially in adjusting and adapting to the work environment. I still am in the process though. I gained a sense of responsibility, a sense of belonging. I felt independent, confident. I now know that I can survive in this world.

Another milestone added in my life was – blogging. Blogs helped me improve on writing, though I still feel that I am an amateur, they hepled me to understand myself, detangle my random thoughts and organize them, they were a gateway to my unexplored regions.

Overall, year 2005 was the most different and the lengthiest year till now of my journey of 24 years. It will always be etched in my memory as a milestone year.

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