Wedding Bells..Ding Dong…

March 31st, 20064:59 am @


No baba…am not getting married. But have noticed that so many people around me are getting married. The wedding bells are going on and on from all directions. There is a line up of marriages for me to attend 😉 (….means lotsa fun and masti for me :D).

But it seems as if all the hearts are pounding around me. Everyone is hit by the cupid. Everything is so mushy-mushy and sweet, I am worried that I might become diabetic :D.

It seems its the match-making season again 😀 and there are many hearts getting united. Now what shall I call this…a chain of “barbaadis” or a grand fete of good food and masti-masala for others :D. Whatever its good for me…so I am so happy about people getting “barbaad” :D.

Anyways…here is me wishing all the couples getting united, a very happy married and loveful life :-).
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