What’s wrong with NGC?

March 31st, 20106:31 am @


Yesterday I saw a feature on NGC – “Girl Who Cries Blood”. It was about a 13-year old girl, Twinkle Dwivedi, living in Lucknow, who supposedly bleeds spontaneously from her eyes, head, nose, hands, feet, etc. I was curious, and watched the entire feature, but there was nothing conclusive till the end. Later, I did a bit of research over the internet and surprisingly could not find any reliable data. Though there are loads of article on Twinkle, but none of them are reliable. There is no wiki page, it has not been reported by any reputable news sites, and there are no medical papers about her unique problem. But the article can be abundantly found on gossip forums etal. After a bit more searching I found that it was part of a series called “BodyShock” which was a mere sensationalist reality (read “unreality”) TV show. And that was a shock to me. As I had never expected NGC to show sensationalism and not the truth. I have blindly trusted NGC till date. But this episode has left me with my doubts and apprehensions on trusting NGC anymore.

If anyone of you knows the truth about Twinkle Dwivedi, please let me know.

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